Image retrieval based on swarm intelligence

Shahbaa I. Khaleel


To keep pace with the development of modern technology in this information technology era, and the immense image databases, whether personal or commercial, are increasing, is requiring the management of these databases to strong and accurate systems to retrieve images with high efficiency. Because of the swarm intelligence algorithms are great importance in solving difficult problems and obtaining the best solutions. Here in this research, a proposed system is designed to retrieve color images based on swarm intelligence algorithms. Where the algorithm of the ant colony optimization ACOM and the intelligent water drop IWDM was used to improve the system's work by conducting the clustering process in these two methods on the features extracted by annular color moment method ACM to obtain clustered data, the amount of similarity between them and the query image,  is calculated to retrieve images from the database, efficiently and in a short time. In addition, improving the work of these two methods by hybridizing them with fuzzy method, fuzzy gath geva clustering algorithm FGCA and obtaining two new high efficiency hybrid algorithms FACOM and FIWDM by retrieving images whose performance values are calculated by calculating the values of precision, recall and the f-measure. It proved its efficiency by comparing it with fuzzy method, FGCA and by methods of swarm intelligence without hybridization, and its work was excellent.


annular color moments; ant colony; image retrieval; intelligent water drop; swarm intelligence;


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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
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