New proposed method for traceability dissemination of the capacitance measurements

Heba A. M. Hamed, A. Eliwa Gad, M. Helmy A. Raouf


Capacitance measurements at the National Institute of Standards (NIS), Egypt, are traceable to the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM). It calibrates the main NIS standard capacitors, AH11A. In this paper, traceability of the BIPM capacitance measurements could be used to evaluate a new accurate measurement method through an Ultra-Precision Capacitance Bridge. The new method is carefully described by introducing some necessary equations and a demonstrating chart. Verification of this new method has been realized by comparing its results for the 10 pF and 100 pF capacitance standards with the results obtained by the conventional substitution method at 1 kHz and 1.592 kHz. The relative differences between the two methods are about 0.3 µF/F, which reflect the accuracy of the new measurement method. For higher capacitance ranges, the new measurement method has been applied for the capacitance measurements up to 1 μF at 1 kHz. The relative differences between the two methods are in the range of 5.5 µF/F on the average which proves the acceptable accuracy and the reliability of the new method to be used.


capacitance measurements; metrology; traceability dissemination; uncertainty budget;

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