Partial discharges location in power transformers using piezoceramic sensors

B. Danouj, S. A. Tahan, E. David, M. Lotfi


The detection and the spatial localization of partial discharges in high-voltage electrical machines are considered as an effective method in predictive maintenance that can provide valuable information on the health of the insulation system and allow to determine accurately the location of the risky insulation elements, which in turn will avoid any premature equipment’s deterioration by scheduling preventive maintenance action. After confirming in a previous published paper the efficiency of a new generation of piezoceramics sensors (high temperature ultrasonic transducers) to detect and characterize partial discharges, we are going to investigate, in this work, a second potential of this technology to locate the partial discharge sources by relying on its ability to detect acoustic signals emitted by partial discharge sources. We will present experimental results, demonstrating the effectiveness of these sensors to locate partial discharges sources and, we will also present an algorithm for calculating the partial discharge foci, based on the acoustic wave flight time.


acoustic wave; localization; partial discharges; piezoceramic sensors;

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