Design and implementation of speech recognition system integrated with internet of things

Ademola Abdulkareem, Tobiloba E. Somefun, Oji K. Chinedum, Felix Agbetuyi


The process of speech recognition is such that a speech signal from a client or user is received by the system through a microphone, then the system analyses this signal and extracts useful information from the signal which is converted to text. This study focuses on the design and implementation of a speech recognition system integrated with internet of thing (IoT) to control electrical appliances and door with raspberry pi as a core element. To design the speech recognition system, digital signal processing (DSP) technique and hidden Markov model were fully considered for processing, extraction and high predictive accuracy of the system. The Google application programming interface (API) was used as a cloud server to store command and give the system to assess to the internet. With 150 speech samples on the system, a high level of accuracy of over 80% was obtained.


digital signal processing; internet of thing; Markov model; programming interface

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