Grid search of multilayer perceptron based on the walk-forward validation methodology

Tran Thanh Ngoc, Le Van Dai, Dang Thi Phuc


Multilayer perceptron neural network is one of the widely used method for load forecasting. There are hyperparameters which can be used to determine the network structure and used to train the multilayer perceptron neural network model. This paper aims to propose a framework for grid search model based on the walk-forward validation methodology. The training process will specify the optimal models which satisfy requirement for minimum of accuracy scores of root mean square error, mean absolute percentage error and mean absolute error. The testing process will evaluate the optimal models along with the other ones. The results indicated that the optimal models have accuracy scores near the minimum values. The US airline passenger and Ho Chi Minh city load demand data were used to verify the accuracy and reliability of the grid search framework.


accuracy scores; grid search model; multilayer perceptron; walk-forward validation

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