Real-time human detection for electricity conservation using pruned-SSD and arduino

Ushasukhanya S., Jothilakshmi S.


Electricity conservation techniques have gained more importance in recent years. Many smart techniques are invented to save electricity with the help of assisted devices like sensors. Though it saves electricity, it adds an additional sensor cost to the system. This work aims to develop a system that manages the electric power supply, only when it is actually needed i.e., the system enables the power supply when a human is present in the location and disables it otherwise. The system avoids any additional costs by using the closed circuit television, which is installed in most of the places for security reasons. Human detection is done by a Modified-single shot detection with a specific hyperparameter tuning method. Further the model is pruned to reduce the computational cost of the framework which in turn reduces the processing speed of the network drastically. The model yields the output to the Arduino micro-controller to enable the power supply in and around the location only when a human is detected and disables it when the human exits. The model is evaluated on CHOKEPOINT dataset and real-time video surveillance footage. Experimental results have shown an average accuracy of 85.82% with 2.1 seconds of processing time per frame.


arduino; electricity management; human detection; pruning; single shot detection;

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