Bipolar and unipolar schemes for confined band variable switching frequency PWM based inverter

Hussain Attia, Hang Seng Che, Tan Kheng Suan Freddy, Ahmad Elkhateb


The single phase inverter performance through the unipolar and bipolar strategies has been previously analyzed based on the Constant Switching Frequency Pulse Width Modulation (CSFPWM). However, the Confined Band Variable Switching Frequency PWM (CB-VSFPWM) is currently proposed as a new variable switching frequency PWM technique through unipolar strategy to facilitate the design of high order filter, to reduce the switching losses, and to reduce the current Total Harmonics Distortion THD as well. To evaluate the performance of a signle phase inverter based on the CB-VSFPWM through bipolar strategy, this paper presents a comparative study of the CB-VSFPWM based inverter performance using the unipolar PWM and the bipolar PWM strategies. The study adopts MATLAB/Simulink to simulate the inverter and to analyze the simulation results in terms of harmonics spectrum, Total Harmonic Distortion THD, and fundamental components. The analysis of the study results gives an indication about the appropriate type of CB-VSFPWM strategy (Unipolar PWM or Bipolar PWM) to guarantee the desired performance of the connected inverter in terms of the electrical grid standards like THD, and harmonics spectrum of the inverter current.


bipolar scheme; confined band variable switching frequency pulse width modulation (CB-VSFPWM); harmonics spectrum; MATLAB/simulink; single-phase inverter; total harmonic distortion; unipolar scheme;


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