Speed controller design for three-phase induction motor based on dynamic adjustment grasshopper optimization algorithm

Ammar Falah Algamluoli, Nizar Hadi Abbas


Three-phase induction motor (TIM) is widely used in industrial application like paper mills, water treatment and sewage plants in the urban area. In these applications, the speed of TIM is very important that should be not varying with applied load torque. In this study, direct on line (DOL) motor starting without controller is modelled to evaluate the motor response when connected directly to main supply. Conventional PI controller for stator direct current and stator quadrature current of induction motor are designed as an inner loop controller as well as a second conventional PI controller is designed in the outer loop for controlling the TIM speed. Proposed combined PI-lead (CPIL) controllers for inner and outer loops are designed to improve the overall performance of the TIM as compared with the conventional controller. In this paper, standard Grasshopper optimization algorithm (SGOA) is used for tuning the proposed controllers in the inner and outer loops of the TIM system. Furthermore, dynamic adjustment grasshopper optimization algorithm (DAGOA) is utilized for tuning the proposed controller of the system. Numerical results based on well-selected test function demonstrate that DAGOA has a better performance in terms of speed of convergence, solution accuracy and reliability than SGOA. Comparisons between conventional PI with CPIL controllers using SGOA and DAGOA algorithms are carried out. The study results revealed that the currents and speed of TIM system using CPIL-DAGOA are faster than system using conventional PI and CPIL controllers tuned by SGOA. Moreover, the speed controller of TIM system with CPIL controlling scheme based on DAGOA reached the steady state faster than others when applied load torque, which confirms the supremacy of the proposed controller and optimization algorithm.


CPIL controller; dynamic adjustment GOA; stator direct current; stator quadrature current standard GOA; three-phase induction motor direct on line;

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i2.pp%25p
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