Security aware information classification in health care big data

Snehalata K. Funde, Gandharba Swain


These days E-medical services frameworks are getting famous for taking care of patients from far-off spots, so a lot of medical services information like the patient’s name, area, contact number, states of being are gathered distantly to treat the patients. A lot of information gathered from the different assets is named big data. The enormous sensitive information about the patient contains delicate data like systolic BP, pulse, temperature, the current state of being, and contact number of patients that should be recognized and sorted appropriately to shield it from abuse. This article presents a weight-based similarity (WBS) strategy to characterize the enormous information of health care data into two classifications like sensitive information and normal information. In the proposed method, the training dataset is utilized to sort information and it comprises of three fundamental advances like information extraction, mapping of information with the assistance of the training dataset, evaluation of the weight of input data with the threshold value to classify the data. The proposed strategy produces better outcomes with various assessment boundaries like precision, recall, F1 score, and accuracy value 92% to categorize the big data. Weka tool is utilized for examination among WBS and different existing order procedures.


big data; classification; healthcare; sensitive data; WBS;


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