Robust adaptive controller for wheel mobile robot with disturbances and wheel slips

Nga Thi-Thuy Vu, Loc Xuan Ong, Nam Hai Trinh, Sen Thi Huong Pham


In this paper an observer based adaptive control algorithm is built for wheel mobile robot (WMR) with considering the system uncertainties, input disturbances, and wheel slips. Firstly, the model of the kinematic and dynamic loops is shown with presence of the disturbances and system uncertainties. Next, the adaptive controller for nonlinear mismatched disturbance systems based on the disturbances observer is presented in detail. The controller includes two parts, the first one is for the stability purpose and the later is for the disturbances compensation. After that this control scheme is applied for both two loops of the system. In this paper, the stability of the closed system which consists of two control loops and the convergence of the observers is mathematically analysed based on the Lyapunov theory. Moreover, the proposed model does not require the complex calculation so it is easy for the implementation. Finally, the simulation model is built for presented method and the existed one to verify the correctness and the effectiveness of the proposed scheme. The simulation results show that the introduced controller gives the good performances even that the desired trajectory is complicated and the working condition is hard.


Adaptive controller; Disturbance observer; Stability analysis; Wheel mobile robot; Wheel slips

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