Smart detection of offensive words in social media using the soundex algorithm and permuterm index

Malek Z. Alksasbeh, Bassam A. Y. Alqaralleh, Tamer Abukhalil, Anas Abukaraki, Tawfiq Al Rawashdeh, Mohamed Al-Jaafreh


Offensive posts in the social media that are inappropriate for a specific age, level of maturity, or impression are quite often destined more to unadult than adult participants. Nowadays, the growth in the number of the masked offensive words in the social media is one of the ethically challenging problems. Thus, there has been growing interest in development of methods that can automatically detect posts with such words. This study aimed at developing a method that can detect the masked offensive words in which partial alteration of the word may trick the conventional monitoring systems when being posted on social media. The proposed method progresses in a series of phases that can be broken down into a pre-processing phase, which includes filtering, tokenization, and stemming; offensive word extraction phase, which relies on using the Soundex algorithm and Permuterm Index; and a post-processing phase that classifies the users’ posts in order to highlight the offensive content. Accordingly, the method detects the masked offensive words in the written text, thus forbidding certain types of offensive words from being published. Results of evaluation of performance of the proposed method indicate a 99% accuracy of detection of offensive words.


offensive words; permuterm index; smart information systems; social media; soundex algorithm;


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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
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