COVID-19 fever symptom detection based on IoT cloud

Mustafa Wassef Hasan


This paper presents a new method of detection COVID-19 fever symptoms depending on IoT cloud services to solve the higher time delay of checking the crowded clients that enter public or private agencies which can lead to a dangerous field to spread the disease. An automatically checking process is suggested using a practical experiment is developed using (ESP8266 Node MCU, Ultrasonic (SR-04), RFID (RC522), human body temperature (MAX30205) sensors, and ThingSpeak platform). Where Node MCU is open-source hardware used to transmit the received data (human temperature sensor) from the (MAX30205) to the cloud platform (ThingSpeak) then alert the monitoring manager user when the collected data reached a critical value that specified previously and automatically take action to solve this situation. At the same time, the cloud platform will provide a graphical representation of the received data to display it using different monitoring devices such as (computers, mobiles, and others).


corona virus; COVID-19; IoT; node MCU; RFID; temperature;

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