Performance comparison between variants PID controllers and unity feedback control system for the response of the angular position of the DC motor

Mustafa A. Mhawesh


This paper proposed a detailed study for the response of angular position of the rotor of a DC motor. It is a comparative analysis to the behavior of the DC motor when the motor is alone and when it is with controllers. Furthermore, a comparison between the responses of controllers themselves. A conventional PID controller which was tuned by using Ziegler and Nichols method was proposed in this paper. Also, Modification PID controllers were proposed in this paper. The modification PID controllers are PI-D controller and I-PD controller. Mathematical calculations were done to get the transfer functions for the DC motor and the controllers. Time domain specifications and figures were obtained for each case by using Matlab program. The obtained results were summarized in tables. This paper determined which the controller is the best one depending on the obtained figures and the time domain specifications.


DC motor modeling; I-PD controller; PID controller; PI-D controller; Ziegler and Nichols method;

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