Enhanced sunflower optimization for placement distributed generation in distribution system

Thuan Thanh Nguyen


Installation of distribution generation (DG) in the distribution system gains many technical benefits. To obtain more benefits, the location and size of DG must be selected with the appropriate values. This paper presents a method for optimizing location and size of DG in the distribution system based on enhanced sunflower optimization (ESFO) to minimize power loss of the system. In which, based on the operational mechanisms of the original sunflower optimization (SFO), a mutation technique is added for updating the best plant. The calculated results on the 33 nodes test system have shown that ESFO has proficiency for determining the best location and size of DG with higher quality than SFO. The compared results with the previous methods have also shown that ESFO outperforms to other methods in term of power loss reduction. As a result, ESFO is a reliable approach for the DG optimization problem.


Enhanced sunflower optimization; Sunflower optimization ;Distribution generation; Power loss; Location and size

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i1.pp%25p
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