An approach for a multi-stage under-frequency based load shedding scheme for a power system network

Mkhululi Elvis Siyanda Mnguni, Yohan Darcy Mfoumboulou


The integration of load shedding schemes with mainstream protection in power system networks is vital. The traditional power system network incorporates different protection schemes to protect its components. Once the power network reaches its maximum limits, and the load demand continue to increase the whole system will experience power system instability. The system frequency usually drops due to the loss of substantial generation creating imbalance. The best method to recover the system from instability is by introducing an under-frequency load shedding (UFLS) scheme in parallel with the protection schemes. This paper proposed a new UFLS scheme used in power systems and industry to maintain stability. Three case studies were implemented in this paper. Multi-stage decision-making algorithms load shedding in the environment of the DIgSILENT power factory platform is developed. The proposed algorithm speeds-up the operation of the UFLS scheme. The load shedding algorithm of the proposed scheme is implemented as a systematic process to achieve stability of the power network which is exposed to different operating conditions. The flexibility of the proposed scheme is validated with the modified IEEE 39-bus New England model. The application of the proposed novel UFLS schemes will contribute further to the development of new types of engineers.


Power system; Load shedding scheme; Protection relays; Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED); Under frequency load shedding (UFLS) scheme Rate of Change of Frequency (ROCOF)

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