Sliding-mode controller for a photovoltaic system based on a Cuk converter

Carlos Andrés Ramos-Paja, Daniel Gonzalez-Motoya, Juan Pablo Villegas-Seballos, Sergio Ignacio Serna-Garces, Roberto Giral


The wide range of step-up and step-down input-output voltage characteristic of the Cuk converter makes it a good candidate to interface photovoltaic arrays in both classical and distributed maximum power point tracking systems. Because its two inductor structure, Cuk converters have continuous input and output currents, which reduce the additional filtering elements usually required for interfacing dc/dc converter topologies. However, PV systems based on Cuk converters usually do not provide formal proofs of global stability under realistic conditions, which makes impossible to ensure a safe operation of the PV installation. Therefore, this paper proposes a high performance sliding-mode controller for PV systems based on Cuk converters, which regulates the PV voltage in agreement with the commands imposed by a MPPT algorithm, rejecting both load and environmental perturbations, and ensuring global stability for real operation conditions. Finally, the performance of the regulated PV system is tested using both simulations and experiments.


cuk converter; photovoltaic DMPPT; sliding mode control; wide range voltage;

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