Application of AHP algorithm on power distribution of load shedding in island microgrid

An T. Nguyen, Nghia T. Le, Anh. H. Quyen, Binh T. T. Phan, Tan P. Trieu, Thien D. Hua


This paper proposes a method of load shedding in a Microgrid system operated in an Island Mode, which is disconnected with the main power grid and balanced loss of the electrical power. This proposed method calculates the minimum value of the shed power with reference to renewable energy sources such as wind power generator, solar energy and the ability to control the frequency of the generator to restore the frequency to the allowable range and reduce the amount of load that needs to be shed. Computing the load importance factor (LIF) using AHP algorithm supports to determine the order of which load to be shed. The damaged outcome of load shedding, thus, will be noticeably reduced. The experimental results of this proposed method is demonstrated by simulating on IEEE 16-Bus Microgrid system with six power sources.


AHP algorithm; frequency control; load importance factor; load shedding; microgrid;

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