Design an expert system for students graduation projects in Iraq universities: Basrah University

Maysaa Abd Ulkareem Naser, Sajad Mohammed Hasen


A graduation project is a form or work that the study authority requests from the student to measure what he made during the study. Designed an expert system for students’ graduation projects at the University of Basrah for students who are obligated to submit a project that qualifies them to graduate from the university. The system works according to a set of requirements, the most important is first: The student's possession of a high rate that qualifies him for the project. Second: he must possess half of the skills required for the project provided that it includes at least one programming language example (c ++, java, PHP, c #, etc ...). The system has many features that help the Supervisors and Students Committee to manage students' projects efficiently. System is built as a web-based system, with access limited only to the university's local network.


distribution of students; graduate attributes; graduation project; problems that system treat; registration document;

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