Design and implement a smart system to detect intruders and firing using IOT

Hussam Jawad Kadhim, Mohammed Jabbar MohammedAmeen


The security system is essential for occupants' convenience and protection from intruders and fire. Theft and fire are the most important requirement for the security system. The advancement of wireless sensor networks using IOTs increased the features in a security system and play an important role in daily life. In this paper, the proposed system is divided into two units. The first one about security which use to take snapshots by a camera whenever there is fire or intruders in the security zone and mail it to the owner every three seconds by using Arduino configured with MATLAB program. MATLAB program plays the main role to coordinate between sensors and to turn on/off the cameras. The second unit is about controlling the appliances and also the main door by using AVR microcontroller configured by CVAVR software that connected with Bluetooth sensor and controlled by a smartphone by using the implementation software built-up in the smartphone. To arrival of the control unit, the user should send code from the software implementation to the framework that use to turn on /off the devices or open/close the door. This proposed system is designed and implemented in details in this paper.


IOT, Security system; Appliance control system; AVR atmeg8; Communication system; Remote control

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