Recognition of corona virus disease (COVID-19) using deep learning network

Ashwan A. Abdulmunem, Zinah Abdulridha Abutiheen, Hiba J. Aleqabie


Corona virus disease (COVID-19) has an incredible influence in the last few months. It causes thousands of deaths in round the world. This make a rapid research movement to deal with this new virus. As a computer science, many technical researches have been done to tackle with it by using image processing algorithms. In this work, we introduce a method based on deep learning networks to classify COVID-19 based on x-ray images. Our results are encouraging to rely on to classify the infected people from the normal. We conduct our experiments on recent dataset, Kaggle dataset of COVID-19 X-ray images and using ResNet50 deep learning network with 5 and 10 folds cross validation. The experiments results show that 5 folds gives effective results than 10 folds with accuracy rate 97.28%.


classification; Corona virus disease; COVID-19; deep learning; X-ray lung images;

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