A generalized switching function-based SVM algorithm of single-phase three-leg converter with active power decoupling

Watcharin Srirattanawichaikul


In this paper, a generalized switching function-based space vector modulation (SVM) algorithm is presented and evaluated to minimize the dc voltage utilization and the ac utility grid current total harmonic distortion. This paper explores the control and modulation techniques of a single-phase three-leg converter with an active power decoupling method, where a generalized SVM algorithm is proposed and evaluated for easy implementation in a digital control platform. The active power decoupling method with the proposed converter can be achieved via dependent control and modulation techniques. The control method is separated into the ac active power control part and the dc power ripple control part, which can maintain a unity power factor at the ac utility grid and reduced the double-frequency ripple power effect on the dc-side. Simulation results validate the performance of the modulation algorithm and its control and demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed power converter, as well as the two mentioned operation modes of the power converter.


single-phasethree-leg converter; space vector modulation; active power decoupling; double ripple power; power conversion

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i6.pp6189-6201
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