An efficient of estimation stages for segmentation skin lesions based optimization algorithm

Nooraldeen Raaoof Hadi, H. K. Latif, Mohanad Aljanabi


Modern dermatology distinguishes premature diagnosis for example an important part in reducing the death percentage and promising less aggressive treatment for patients. The classifications comprise various stages that must be selected suitably using the characteristics of the filter pointing to get a dependable analysis. The dermoscopic images hold challenges to be faced and overcome to enhance the automatic diagnosis of hazardous lesions. It is calculated to survey a different metaheuristic and evolutionary computing working for filter design systems. Approximately general computing techniques are observed to improve features of infect design method. Nevertheless, the median filter (MF) is normally multimodal with respect to the filter factors and so, reliable approaches that can provide optimal solutions are required. The design of MF depends on modern artificial swarm intelligence technique (MASIT) optimization algorithm which has proven to be more effective than other population-based algorithms to improve of estimation stages for segmentation skin lesions. A controlled artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is advanced for solving factors optimization problems and, also the physical-programming-depend on ABC way is applied to proposal median filter, and the outcomes are compared to another approaches.


ABC; dermatology; MASITs; M F; segmentation; skin lesions;

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