LMI based antiswing adaptive controller for uncertain overhead cranes

Nga Thi-Thuy Vu


This paper proposes an adaptive anti-sway controller for uncertain overhead cranes. The state-space model of the 2D overhead crane with the system parameter uncertainties is shown firstly. Next, the adaptive controller which can adapt with the system uncertainties and input disturbances is established. The proposed controller has ability to move the trolley to the destination in short time and with small oscillation of the load despite the effect of the uncertainties and disturbances. Moreover, the controller has simple structure so it is easy to execute. Also, the stability of the closed-loop system is analytically proven. The proposed algorithm is verified by using Matlab/Simulink simulation tool. The simulation results show that the presented controller gives better performances (i.e., fast transient response, position tracking, and low swing angle) than the state feedback controller when there exist system parameter variations as well as input disturbances.


Adaptive anti-swing control; Linear Matrix Inequality ; overhead crane system; stability analysis; robust control; uncertainties

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i6.pp5793-5801

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