Improving the delivered power quality from WECS to the grid based on PMSG control model

Shimaa A. Hussien, M. A. Deab, N. S. Hosny


Renewable energy has become one of the most energy resources nowadays, especially, wind energy. It is important to implement more analysis and develop new control algorithms due to the rapid changes in the wind generators size and the power electronics development in wind energy applications. This paper proposes a grid-connected wind energy conversion system (WECS) control scheme using permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). The model works to improve the delivered power quality and maximize its value. The system contained one controller on the grid side converter (GSC) and two simulation packages used to simulate this model, which were PSIM software package for simulating power circuit and power electronics converters, and MATLAB software package for simulating the controller on Simulink. It employed a meta-heuristic technique to fulfil this target effectively. Mine-blast algorithm (MBA) and harmony search optimization technique (HSO) were applied to the proposed method to get the best controller coefficient to ensure maximum power to the grid and minimize the overshoot and the steady state error for the different control signals. The comparison between the results of the MBA and the HSO showed that the MBA gave better results with the proposed system.


Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG); wind energy conversion system (WECS); Mine Blast Algorithm (MBA); Harmony Search Optimization Technique (HSO); PSIM; MATLAB/Simulink.

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