Application of particle swarm optimization with ANFIS model for double scroll chaotic system

W. A. Wali


The predictions for the original chaos patterns can be used to correct the distorted chaos pattern which has changed due to any changes whether from undesired disturbance or additional information which can hide under chaos pattern. This information can be recovered when the original chaos pattern is predicted. But unpredictability is most features of chaos, and time series prediction can be used based on the collection of past observations of a variable and analysis it to obtain the underlying relationships and then extrapolate future time series. The additional information often prunes away by several techniques. This paper shows how the chaotic time series prediction is difficult and distort even if Neuro-Fuzzy such as Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) is used under any disturbance. The paper combined particle swarm (PSO) and (ANFIS) to exam the prediction model and predict the original chaos patterns which comes from the double scroll circuit. Changes in the bias of the nonlinear resistor were used as a disturbance. The predicted chaotic data is compared with data from the chaotic circuit.


ANFIS; chaotic time series; PSO;

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