New adaptation method based on cross layer and TCP over protocols to improve QoS in mobile ad hoc network

Moulay Hicham Hanin, Mohamed Amnai, Youssef Fakhri


Due to rapid growth of multimedia traffic used over the mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs), to keep up with the progress of this constraints MANETs protocols becoming increasingly concerned with the quality of service. In view of the random mobility nodes in MANET, TCP becomes more unreliability in case of higher energy consumption and packet loss. In this paper we proposed a new optimization approach to enhance decision making of TCP based on some changes of IEEE 802.11 MAC uses cross layer approach. The aim is to minimize the impact of retransmissions of packet lost and energy consumption in order to analysed and chose the appropriate routing protocol for TCP that can be enhance QoS MANET. Our simulation results based QoS study using NS3 show that, our proposed achieves better performance of TCP in MANETs significantly, and also improved the throughput, energy consumption and facilitates the traffic transmission over routing protocol.


ad-hoc; AODV; congestion; cross-layer; DSDV; OLSR; TCP;

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