Proportional-integral genetic algorithm controller for stability of TCP network

Mohammed Qasim Sulttan, Manal Hadi Jaber, Salam Waley Shneen


The life development and increase the number of internet users imposed an increase in data circulating on the internet network and then make the network more congestion. As a result of all this, some problems arose such as time delay in packets delivery, loss of packets, and exceed the buffer capacity for the middle routers. To overcome those problems, transmission control protocol and active queue management (TCP/AQM) have been used. AQM is the main approach used to control congestion and overcome those problems to improve network performance. This work proposes to use the proportional-integral (PI) controller with a genetic algorithm (GA) as an active queue manager for routers of the Internet. The simulation results show a good performance for managing the congestion with using proportional-integral genetic algorithm (GA-PI) controller better than the PI controller.


Active queue management; Genetic algorithm; Proportional-integral controller; TCP/IP

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