Illumination-invariant vegetation detection (IVD) for a vision sensor-based agricultural applications

Keun Ha Choi, SooHyun Kim


In this paper, we propose a novel method, illumination-invariant vegetation detection (IVD), to improve many aspects of agriculture for vision-based autonomous machines or robots. The proposed method derives new color feature functions from simultaneously modeling the spectral properties of the color camera and scene illumination. An experiment in which an image sample dataset was acquired under nature illumination, including various intensities, weather conditions, shadows and reflections, was performed. The results show that the proposed method (IVD) yields the highest performance with the lowest error and standard deviation and is superior to six typical methods. Our method has multiple strengths, including computational simplicity and uniformly high-accuracy image segmentation.


agricultural applications; crop row detection; illumination-invariant; vegetation detection; vision sensor;

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