Cloud radio access network fronthaul solution using optimized dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm

Ebude Carine Awasume, Stephen Musyoki, Vitalice Kalecha Oduol


In order to address the challenges that have come with the exploding demand for higher speed, traffic growth and mobile wireless devices, Mobile network operators have decided to move to the notion of small cells based on cloud radio access network. This cloud radio access network comes with advantages like performance optimization, cost-effectiveness, easier infrastructure deployment and network management. Notwithstanding, cloud radio access network comes with so many strict requirements to be fulfilled for its fronthaul network. In this paper, we have presented these requirements for a 5G fronthaul network. Particular interest on the Time Division Multiplex Passive Optical Network’s challenge of latency was treated by proposing an optimized version of the Round Robin Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm. Results obtained show an improvement in the latency of the original algorithm which meets the fronthaul requirement. Other test parameters like jitter and BER were also improved by our proposed optimized algorithm.


Cloud Radio Access Network; Time Division Multiplex; Passive Optical Network; Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

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