Performance analysis of grid-tied photovoltaic system under varying weather condition and load

Abayomi A. Adebiyi, Ian J. Lazarus, Akshay K. Saha, Evans E. Ojo


Model and simulation of the impact of the distribution grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system feeding a variable load with its control system have been investigated in this study. Incremental Conductance (IncCond) algorithm based on maximum power point tracking (MPPT) was implemented for the PV system to extract maximum power under different weather conditions when solar irradiation varies between 250W/m2 and 1000W/m2. The proposed system is modelled and simulated with MATLAB/Simulink tools. Under different weather conditions, the dynamic performance of the PV system is evaluated. The results obtained show the efficacy of the proposed MPPT method in response to rapid daytime weather variations. The results also show that the surplus power generated is injected into the grid when the injected power from the PV system is higher than the load demand; otherwise, the grid supplies the load.


DC-DC converter; incremental conductance; MPPT algorithm; photovoltaic (PV) system; voltage variation;

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