Voltage collapse prediction using artificial neural network

Samuel Isaac, Soyemi Adebola Adebola, Awelewa Ayokunle, Katende James, Awosope Claudius


Unalleviated voltage instability frequently results in voltage collapse; which are a cause of concern in power system networks across the globe but particularly in developing countries. This study proposed an online voltage collapse prediction model through the application of a machine learning technique and a voltage stability index called the new line stability index (NLSI_1). The approach proposed is based on a multilayer feed-forward neural network whose inputs are the variables of the NLSI_1. The efficacy of the method was proven through testing on the IEEE 14-bus system and the Nigeria 330-kV, 28-bus National Grid (NNG). The outcomes of the simulation indicate that the proposed approach accurately predicted the voltage stability index with an R-value of 0.9975 with a Mean Square Error (MSE) of 2.182415x10−5 for the IEEE 14-bus system and an R-value of 0.9989 with an MSE of 1.2527x10−7 for the NNG 28 bus system. The results presented in this paper agree with those found in the literature.


Artificial neural network; Online voltage stability analysis; Voltage stability; Voltage stability index; Weakest bus

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i1.pp%25p
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