Minimize the load reduction considering the activities control of the generators and phase distance

Le Trong Nghia, Quyen Huy Anh, Phan Thi Thanh Binh, Phung Trieu Tan


This study shows how to calculate the minimum load that needs to be reduced to restore the frequency to the specified threshold. To implement this problem, the actual operation of the electricity system in the event of a generator outage is considered. The main idea of this method is to use the power balance equation between the generation and the load with different frequency levels. In all cases of operating the electrical system before and after the generator outage, the reserve capacity of other generators is considered in each generator outage situation. The reduced load capacity is calculated based on the reciprocal phase angle sensitivity or phase distance. This makes the voltage phase angle and voltage value quality of recovery nodes better. The standard IEEE 9-generator 37-bus test scheme was simulated to show the result of the proposed technique.


frequency control; generator control; load shedding; phase electrical distance;

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