Coyote multi-objective optimization algorithm for optimal location and sizing of renewable distributed generators

E. M. Abdallah, M. I. El Sayed, M. M. Elgazzar, Amal A. Hassan


Research on the integration of renewable distributed generators (RDGs) in radial distribution systems (RDS) is increased to satisfy the growing load demand, reducing power losses, enhancing voltage profile, and voltage stability index (VSI) of distribution network. This paper presents the application of a new algorithm called ‘Coyote Optimization Algorithm (COA)’ to obtain the optimal location and size of RDGs in RDS at different power factors. The objectives are minimization of power losses, enhancement of voltage stability index, and reduction total operation cost. A detailed performance analysis is implemented on IEEE 33-bus and IEEE 69-bus to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. The results are found to be in a very good agreement.


coyote optimization algorithm renewable energy; distributed generators; power loss reduction; voltage stability index;

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