Fractional-order sliding mode controller for the two-link robot arm

Trong-Thang Nguyen


In this paper, the author proposes a sliding mode controller with the fractional-order for the two-link robot arm. Firstly, the model and dynamic equations of the two-link robot arm are presented. Based on these equations, the author builds the controller for each joint of the robot. The controller is a sliding mode controller with its order is not an integer value. The task of the controller is to adjust the torques acted on the joints in order for the angular coordinates of each link to coincide with the desired values. The effectiveness of the proposed control system is demonstrated through Matlab-Simulink software. The robot model and controller are built to investigate the system quality. The results show that the quality of the control system is very high: there is not the chattering phenomenon of torques, the response angles of each link quickly reach the desired values, and the static error equal to zero.


Controller; Fractional-Order; Sliding Mode; Torque; Two-Link Arm

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