Enhancing cloud computing security by paillier homomorphic encryption

Muna Mohammed Saeed Altaee, Mafaz Alanezi


In recent years, the trend has increased for the use of cloud computing, which provides broad capabilities with the sharing of resources, and thus it is possible to store and process data in the cloud remotely, but this (cloud) is untrusted because some parties can connect to the network such as the internet and read or change data because it is not protected, therefore, protecting data security and privacy is one of the challenges that must be addressed when using cloud computing. Encryption is interested in the field of security, confidentiality and integrity of information that sent by a secure connection between individuals or institutions regardless of the method used to prepare this connection. But using the traditional encryption methods to encrypt the data before sending it will force the data provider to send his private key to the server to decrypt the data to perform computations on it. In this paper we present a proposal to secure banking data transmission through the cloud by using partially Homomorphic Encryption algorithms such as (paillier, RSA algorithm) that allow performing mathematical operations on encrypted data without needing to decryption. A proxy server will also use for performing Re-encryption process to enhance security.


banking data; cloud computing; homomorphic encryption; paillier algorithm; RSA;

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i2.pp%25p
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