A review of wearable sensors based monitoring with daily physical activity to manage type 2 diabetes

Omar AlShorman, Buthaynah Alshorman, Fahed Alkahtani


Globally, the aging and the lifestyle lead to rabidly increment of the number of type two diabetes (T2D) patients. Critically, T2D considers as one of the most challenging healthcare issue. Importantly, physical activity (PA) plays a vital role of improving glycemic control T2D. However, daily monitoring of T2D using wearable devices/ sensors have a crucial role to monitor glucose levels in the blood. Nowadays, daily physical activity (PA) and exercises have been used to manage T2D. The main contribution of the proposed study is to review the literature about managing and monitoring T2D with daily PA through wearable devices and sensors. Finally, challenges and future trends are also highlighted.


diabetes; healthcare; monitoring; physical activity; sensor;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i1.pp646-653

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