Adaptive gender-based thermal control system

Jamal I. Al-Nabulsi, Bashar E. A. Badr


A closed loop adaptive gender-based thermal control system (AG-TCS) is designed, modelled, analysed and tested. The system has the unique feature of adapting to the surrounding environment as a function of the number of humans present and the gender ratio. The operation of the system depends on a unique interface between a radio frequency identification (RFID) device and an imaging device, both of which are correlated and interfaced to a controller. Testing of the system resulted in smooth transition and shape conversion of the response curve, which proved its adaptability. Three mathematical equations describing the internal mechanisms of the AG-TCS are presented and have been proven to optimally reflect the original statistical data covering both genders.


body temperature; controller; human thermal comfort; modelling; RFID; thermal balance

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