A proposed model for frequency tuned antennas used in mobile communication systems

Amin H. Al Ka'bi, Magid M. Rady


The antenna is considered as one of the most fundamental elements in wireless communication systems, especially in mobile devices. Desirable specifications of antennas include covering wide range of operating frequencies, while maintaining high quality of system performance over the whole range of operating frequencies. Therefore, the ability of tuning the resonant frequency of the antenna without altering its physical dimensions would be highly recommended in up-and-coming designs of antennas in mobile devices. This research work proposes a model for tuning the operating frequency of the inverted F-antenna over a reasonably wide range of frequencies, via altering the electromagnetic properties of its ferrite material. In this proposed model, it will be shown that the electronic control of the permeability of the ferrite material of the antenna leads effectively to a significant shift in its resonant frequency, and hence to an overall improvement in the performance of the communication system.


antennas; electromagnetics; ferrite materials; frequency tuning; wireless communications

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i2.pp1367-1374

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