Design and implementation of proposed 320 bit RC6-cascaded encryption/decryption cores on altera FPGA

Ashwaq T. Hashim, Ahmed M. Hasan, Hayder M. Abbas


This paper attempts to build up a simple, strong and secure cryptographic algorithm. The result of such an attempt is “RC6-Cascade” which is 320-bits RC6 like block cipher. The key can be any length up to 256 bytes. It is a secret-key block cipher with precise characteristics of RC6 algorithm using another overall structure design. In RC6-Cascade, cascading of F-functions will be used instead of rounds. Moreover, the paper investigates a hardware design to efficiently implement the proposed RC6-Cascade block cipher core on field programmable gate array (FPGA). An efficient compact iterative architecture will be designed for the F-function of the above algorithm. The goal is to design a more secure algorithm and present a very fast encryption core for low cost and small size applications.


Cryptography; Cascaded Design; Block cipher; RC6; FPGA Design

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