Color image encryption based on chaotic shit keying with lossless compression

Ashwaq T. Hashim, Bahaa D. Jalil


In order to protect valuable data from undesirable readers or against illegal reproduction and modifications, there have been various data encryption techniques. Many methods are developed to perform image encryption. The use of chaotic map for image encryption is very effective, since it increase the security, due to its random behavior. The most attractive feature of deterministic chaotic systems is he extremely unexpected and random-look nature of chaotic signals that may lead to novel applications. A novel image encryption algorithm based on compression and hyper chaotic map techniques is proposed. Firstly the image is decomposed into three subbands R, G, and B then each band is compressed using lossless technique. The generated chaotic sequences from the 3D chaotic system are employed to code the compressed results by employing the idea of chaotic shift encoding (CSK) modulation to encode the three bands to generate the encrypted image. The experiments show that the proposed method give good results in term of security, feasibility, and robustness.


Cryptography; Image Encryption; Image Compression; CSK; Chaotic map

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