Detection and tracking of moving object using modified Background subtraction and Kalman filter

Jeevith S H


Moving Object detection and tracking is the major challenging issue in Computer vision, which plays a vital role in many applications like robotics, surveillance, navigation systems, militaries, environmental monitoring etc. There are several existing techniques, which has been used to detect and track the moving object in Surveillance system. Therefore it is necessary to develop new algorithm or modified algorithm which is robust to work in both day and night time. In this paper, modified BGS technique is proposed. The video is first converted to number of frames, then these frame are applied to modified background subtraction technique with adaptive threshold which gives detected object. Kalman filter technique is used for tracking the detected object. The experimental results shows this proposed method can efficiently and correctly detect and track the moving objects with less processing time which is compared with existing techniques.


Background Subtraction;Intersection over Union; Frames per second;False frame Detection


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