The maximum power point tracking based-control system for small-scale wind turbine using fuzzy logic

Quang-Vi Ngo, Chai Yi, Trong-Thang Nguyen


This paper presents the research on small-scale wind turbine systems based on the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. Then propose a new structure of a small-scale wind turbine system to simplify the structure of the system, making the system highly practical. This paper also presented an MPPT-Fuzzy controller design and proposed a control system using the wind speed sensor for small-scale wind turbines. Systems are simulated using Matlab/Simulink software to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed controller. As a result, the system with the MPPT-Fuzzy controller has much better quality than the traditional control system.


Fuzzy logic; Hill climbings searching; MPPT; SSWT; Wind turbine

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