Analysis of threats and security issues evaluation in mobile P2P networks

Ali Abdulwahhab Mohammed, Dheyaa Jasim kadhim


Technically, mobile P2P network system architecture can consider as a distributed architecture system (like a community), where the nodes or users can share all or some of their own software and hardware resources such as (applications store, processing time, storage, network bandwidth) with the other nodes (users) through Internet, and these resources can be accessible directly by the nodes in that system without the need of a central coordination node. The main structure of our proposed network architecture is that all the nodes are symmetric in their functions. In this work,
the security issues of mobile P2P network system architecture such as (web threats, attacks and encryption) will be discussed deeply and then we propose different approaches and we analysis and evaluation of these mobile P2P network security issues and submit some proposal solutions to resolve the related problems with threats and other different attacks since these threats and attacks will be serious issue as networks are growing up especially with mobility attribute in current P2P networks.


Mobile P2P Network; Network Security; Web Threats; Attacks; Encryption

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