Demand robust counterpart open capacitated vehicle routing problem time windows and deadline model of garbage transportation with LINGO 13.0

Fitri Maya Puspita, Ani Sahara Br. Simanjuntak, Rima Melati, Sisca Octarina


Demand robust counterpart-open capacitated vehicle routing problem with time windows and deadline (DRC-OCVRPtw,d) model formed and explained in this paper, is the model used to find the minimum distance and the time needed for vehicles to transport garbage in Sukarami Sub-District, Palembang that consists of the time it takes for the vehicle to pass through the route. Time needed to transport garbage to the vehicle is called time windows. Combination of the thoses times is called deadline. The farther
the distance passed by vehicle and the more garbage transported, the longer the deadline is needed. This DRC-OCVRPtw,d model is completed by LINGO 13.0 to obtain the optimal route and time deadline for Sukarami Sub-District. The model shows that the improved model of open vehicle routing problem involving the robustness, time windows and deadline can achieve the optimal routes that enable driver to save operational time in picking up the garbage compared to similar problem not involving no-time windows and deadline stated in previous research.


Demand Robust; OCVRP; Time Windows; Deadline; Garbage Transportation

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