An accurate inter-turn short circuit faults model dedicated to induction motors

Fatima Babaa, Ouafae Bennis


Safety, disponibility and continuity of industrial systems are major issue in maintenance. In the last decades, these points are the important axes in the field of research. In fact, in many industrial processes research has picked up a fervent place and a particular importance in the area of fault diagnosis of electrical machines, in fact, a fault prognosis has become almost indispensable. The need of a mathematical model of three-phase induction machine, suitable for the simulation of machines behaviour under fault conditions, has received considerable attention. The paper presents a new practical and more precise model for induction motors after introducing inter turn short circuits faults. The proposed model is based on coupled magnetic circuit theory, capable to take into account any electrical asymmetry conditions. To verify the exactitude and the effectiveness of the model, simulation results for induction machine under interturn short circuit fault are presented. In spite of its simplicity, the proposed model is able to provide useful indications for diagnostic purposes. Experimental study is presented at the end of the paper to show that the proposed model predicts the induction machine behavior with a good accuracy.


indicator fault; induction machines; inter-turn short-circuit fault; new model;

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