Cuckoo search algorithm based for tunning both PI and FOPID controllers for the DFIG-Wind energy conversion system

Mostafa A. Al-Gabalawy, N. S. Hosny, Shimaa A. Hussien


Wind Energy has received great attention in this century. It influences the new power systems, adding new challenges to the power system expansion problem. Nowadays, double feed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbines are used majorly in wind farms, due to their advantages over other types. Therefore, the analysis of the system using this type has become very important. In this paper, a wind turbine modelling was introduced with suggested controllers, in order to enhance the system response, with respect to both pitch control and maximum output power. Cuckoo search algorithm (CSA), a meta-heuristic optimization technique, was implemented to determine the gains of a proportional-integral (PI) controller and fractional order proportional-integral-derivative (FOPID) controller to optimize the system, which considered three control loops: pitch, rotor-side converter, and grid-side converter control loop. Simulation results were determined using MATLAB/Simulink. The comparative analysis of the results showed that the PI Controller gave the simplest and the best response in case of the pitch and rotor-side control loops while the FOPID was the best when applied to the grid-side control loop. Based on the results and discussion,
a suggestion of using a compination of each controller was introduced.


Cuckoo search algorithm; Double feed induction generator; FOPID controller; PI controller; Wind turbine modelling

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