A new perspective of refractive error calculation with mobile application

Komang Candra Brata, Mukhammad Sharif Hidayatulloh, Lutfi Fanani, Adam Hendra Brata


Studies have documented a very high prevalence of myopia among urbanized in Indonesia over recent decades. In many situations, not standardized and limited access to eye health care in several regions becomes the main challenge for myopia patients to measure and monitor their current refractive error condition. Also, ophthalmologists still rely on expensive tools to measure the refractive level of myopia patients like Phoropter with Snellen chart and Retinoscopy. Many apps were proposed to provide low-cost alternative tools, but still, those apps need manual user input and complex steps to operate. These conditions make myopia patients reluctant to use this kind of service and it may retard the progression of refractive treatment in the myopic individual. In this regard, we propose an intuitive diopter level measurement app based on mobile application setup, which implements the concept of measure the user face to smartphone screen distance for the rapid diopter calculation processes and at the same time provides a low-cost alternative refractive measurement tool. This paper highlights our experiences when developing a mobile application that can help patients with myopia measuring their blur line distances and evaluate their diopter levels independently. We conduct a number of human trials with the device on a controlled environment to demonstrate the ability of the proposed app to measure the diopter level. The experimental results show that the proposed app is quite successful in measuring the diopter level of myopia patients with a relatively small range of calculation errors compared to optometrist measurement results.


Diopter; Eye health; Mobile application; Myopia; Refractive measurement

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i5.pp%25p
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