Determination of the Price for a Hydro Resource with Consideration of Operating Conditions of Hydropower Plants Using Complex Criteria of Ecological and Economic Efficiency

Tatiana Vladimirovna Myatezh


At present, the influence of technologies on the environment became comparable with natural processes at the Earth. Therefore, the use of renewable energy sources, including water resources, is very important for the energy market operated as the Internet of things. One of the universal methods of analyzing the efficiency of technical systems is the optimization method in combination with the theory of marginal utility. This allows determining a water price for a hydropower plant (HPP) based on the comparison of water consumed at a HPP and fuel amount required at a combined heat and power plant (CHPP) for production of 1 kW power. Using the examples of Novosibirsk HPP and CHPP, it is expected to develop an estimation of economic effect from the implementation of the developed criteria, the proposed method of determination of a water price at HPP, and the method of separating fuel costs at CHP. As a result of implementing the developed method for HPP, a price of sold electricity in the flexible energy market will be comparable with the price for sold electricity produced at CHPP, being equal to approximately 330 rubles/MW∙h. Moreover, CHPP are expected to have savings of specific fuel consumption for electricity generation in the amount of 5 g/kW∙h and, in some case, 10 g/kW∙h. In terms of money, this amounts about 7,350,000 – 14,700,000 rubles per month.


Water price for hydropower plant Mathematical model Optimization of operating conditions for HPP and CHPP Incremental fuel rate characteristics Flexible electricity market Complex exergy criteria of thermodynamic and ecological-and-economic efficiency

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