Novel Hybrid Framework for Image Compression for Supportive Hardware Design of Boosting Compression

Premachand D. R., U. Eranna


Performing the image compression over the resource constrained hardware is quite a challenging task. Although, there has been various approaches being carried out towards image compression considering the hardware aspect of it, but still there are problems associated with the memory acceleration associated with the entire operation that downgrade the performance of the hardware device. Therefore, the proposed approach presents a cost effective image compression mechanism that offers only the selective sector to be subjected to lossless compression using a unique combination of the non-linear filtering, segmentation, contour detection, followed by the optimization. The proposed system uses analytical research methodology for implementation. The study outcome of the proposed system is found to offer faster response time as well as better signal quality evaluated via peak signal to noise ratio and mean squared error as well as better form of compression ratio performance.


encoding; hardware acceleration; image compression; segmentation; VLSI architecture;

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