PSO-CCO_MIMO-SA: A particle swarm optimization based channel capacity optimzation for MIMO system incorporated with smart antenna

Shivapanchakshari T. G., H. S. Aravinda


With the radio channels physical limits, achieving higher data rate in the multi-channel systems is been a biggest concern. Hence, various spatial domain techniques have been introduced by incorporating array of antenna elements (i.e., smart antenna) in recent past for the channel limit expansion in mobile communication antennas. These smart antennas help to yield the improved array gain or bearm forming gain and hence by power efficiency enhanmaent in the channel and antenna range expansion. The use of smart antenna leads to spatial diversity and minimizes the fading effect and improves link reliability. However, in the process of antenna design, the proper channel modelling is is biggest concern which affect the wireless system performance. The recent works of MIMO design systems have discussed the issues in number of antenna selection which suggests that optimization of MIMO channel capacity is required. Hence, a Particle Swarm Optimization based channel capacity optimzation for MIMO system incorporated with smart antenna is introduced in this paper. From the outcomes it is been found that the proposed PSO based MIMO system achieves better convergenece speed which results in better channel capacity.


Channel Capacity; MIMO system; PSO; Smart antenna; Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)

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